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Who We Are

We specialize in assisting businesses reach their ultimate potential. We have the ability to see into the darkest places while illuminating any problem that requires attention. We provide the tools to enable you to operate your business successfully!

Let’s stop that—right damn now.

Ready to work more on -vs- in the business?

What We Offer

The Services We Offer Are Listed Below.

Website Design & Development

The basis of your online presence is a strong website design. Making an impactful first impression provides your customers with a positive, engaging user experience. Our web designers and developers will be able to provide your company with the cutting-edge technology it deserves, as well as a bunch of other stuff you wouldn’t understand

Business Development

We’ve learned Hope is NOT a good plan. If you’ve been in business for years, or are just getting started, you realize the path isn’t easy. We have years of experience in business, no matter what the specialty is. From financial planning to product execution, we’re here to help you from start to finish. Don’t hope; Plan.


We are the dreamers. We make your dreams reality. Anything that you can vision, we can bring to life. By thinking outside of the box we know what it takes to help your business be seen by your target market. Don’t get lost in the dark, it’s scary there.

Social Media Marketing

Did you know Facebook has over 1 Billion active users? With the use of social media platforms, we will help you connect with your audience to build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. Social Media is a very difficult game. Thankfully, we have a team full of professionals.

Ready to stop leaving sales on the table?

Be the master of your business

Versus the business mastering you. Start today, in 4 simple steps.

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Meet to learn more • Identify challenges & opportunities • Determine if we’re a match

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Take what I heard • Conduct an audit • Review proposed strategy

Work together

Create digital campaigns • Execute the campaigns • Monitor and optimize those campaigns

Grow & scale your business

Strategic campaigns + More fans & followers + More engagement = More customers, more sales

Ready for a business you can predictably scale?

Derek Stroh

Founder of Horizons Digital Marketing

A message from our founder, Derek Stroh

Made in Canada.

About 5 years ago, a yacht broker asked me to run some digital ads with less than $300. Soon after, we sold one of his boats for $300,000. I was stoked. Got hooked. And Horizons Digital Marketing was born. We’ve since built this business on referrals. By helping businesses sell more using solid marketing strategies & tactics. And so ecommerce owners can spend more time enjoying—what’s most meaningful to them. Otherwise, what the heck, right? Want the same for your business?

Ready to to reach out to a targeted audience -vs- waiting for them to find

You. Want. This.

Never again feel like you’re fumbling with your digital ad campaigns

  • Be confident with marketing that works
  • 700+ successful clients (talk with some)
  • Been there, seen that, done that
  • Grown several multi-million dollar businesses starting from nearly zero online sales

Ready to know what you get for what you spend?

Digital services for your
ecommerce store

With so much to do to run your business, wondering where to start to
grow your business? Here ya go…

Develop your
ecommerce strategy

Understand your customers. So we can find your customers. Learn where they are, what they do, how they buy. And, audit your website & content to make them mo-better. Then, do research to learn about (and beat) the competition.

Run your digital

Building effective ads takes time—and expertise. Free up your time & people. We’ve got you. More people aware of your brand. More people talking about your brand. More people buying from your brand.

Optimize your

Digital ads in place. Great. You still need a website that converts visitors to paying clients. A/B testing for buttons, colours, headlines and more. So we can make refinements—based on data, not hunch.

Why gamble with your digital

“I’m tired of throwing money at digital ads that don’t work. Tired of doing work outside of our sweet-spot. And tired of stagnant sales. I want a comprehensive strategy & plan to grow our business. I want us to stay focused, doing what we do best. I want an expert creating & running campaigns—that generate moola.”

Let's Work Together

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Most e-commerce store owners don’t know how to create & run ads on Facebook, Instagram or Google. We work with them to develop their digital strategy. Then create & run their ad campaigns. So they can then grow their business—with digital ads that sell.